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Easy TV Money 2.0


From Nick Chou, TV Ad Money Expert, with Anthony Devine and Robert Phillips

Dear Marketer,

Stop watching TV right NOW if you are not making money doing it… Look, I know that sounds a little shocking, but this is not a joke or trick statement.


If I was to prove how you are leaving serious profits on the table by NOT getting paid to watch little TV ads…

…would you give me a chance to prove it to you in the next few minutes?


 Look, We’ve Gotten Incredible Results... And So Have Our Past Clients!

Member's Success Story: $5,000/month in Profit After 1.5 Months


If you also want these on!

Hey Nick! Just a quick shout out for your stuff. It actually works!I've been following the program for 6 weeks now. Have ran 20 campaigns and spent $1,400 in PPC, and grossed $4,100 in sales, for a net of $2,700 :0) So yes Nick's stuff works. Like anything else, just gotta work hard at it and be persistent.

- Cary W.

I purchased Easy TV Money a year ago (1st version) and my life has completely changed ever since. Prior to this I had a few minor successes in Internet Marketing but nothing notable. This course gave me my first $100 day in a long time as well as my first $1,000 week. In fact, using the techniques I learned within 6 months of doing Easy TV Money I started to bring in $1-$2,000 a day with PPC.

The reason this had such a profound effect on me was that I connected with Nick as soon as I opened it up.

Hearing the story about his struggle before he later made millions really hit home. I had fallen victim to learning method after method without ever having the confidence to follow my heart and take things seriously. Nick does a great job of putting this necessary transformation into words. I was moved, not just motivated, to give this everything I had.

With a little creativity and taking serious focused action you can scale this to a level that will change your life.

If you wonder what I mean by "serious focused action" let me give you an example: When I started this I had to go to McDonalds and Starbucks just to use WiFi to follow up on my accounts. If you are willing to give it that kind of commitment there is nothing stopping you from getting the results you need. Nick opened up my eyes to the potential not just in PPC but also in CPA.

This course is priceless.

- Thomas Witek

I have been using Nick's course for several months.

Everything that you need to know is already contained within the members area. I have made money with this course doing exactly what Nick explains in the videos.

Once you have experience then you may make some adjustments and try out new things but you have to learn the basics first.

With this TV Money course I have had my first:

$100 day
$200 day

Also my first:

$500 month
$1,000 month
$2,000 month

If you run into a problem, find a solution, find a way around it, but don't blame its creator.

It takes testing, time and some money but I am making my way towards a full time income.

Thanks Nick.

- Robert Noon

Just wanted to say what an awesome WSO this is! I have had little success in the past with PPC and this has got to be one of the best and easiest ways to make money with it. Your videos and manuals are incredibly detailed and to the point.

Since I started last month, I have created 40+ campaigns and have generated $2,187. I have spent about $1,216 which means that profit is $971 and ROI is about 180%. Not bad considering I don't have much experience with PPC. I realize that some people have made way more than I have or have better ROIs, but I'm not too bothered because more winners will come!

Even if you have a full time job, like me, you can still do this. And it doesn't matter where you live. I live in the UK and have had no problems implementing Nick's system. If you do get stuck, Nick is super helpful and prompt with questions.

Right, now back to building campaigns!


Update #1:

I just wanted to say the 1 on 1 training was awesome and absolutely worth every penny. I learned so much and was amazed with your knowledge. It's just a shame it was only 1 hour! I've been implementing your advice and we shall see how much of a difference it will make. My guess is, A LOT! I am feeling much more confident in my campaigns now and I'm sure my ROI's will sky rocket! Already made over $6,000 in about 3 months. Not all profit but in the green!

This system has been brilliant and I can't thank you enough. To think I was going to give up on online marketing because of the Penguin and Panda updates! I may never go back to SEO again since you made PPC so easy and profitable.

Thank you for all the support! You must never sleep...


Update #2:

Hey Nick,

I know you've heard this from me already, but this WSO is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! It's been a joy to implement. Rarely do you find a WSO that is so complete. It's like you're being held by the hand all the way until you profit, and profit I have!

I have already generated $1,619.91 this month in profits! No doubt I'll easily clear $2,000 by the end of the month!

Thank you, thank you! Your support is always second to none and you're a top-notch and genuine guy. I hope we'll have chance to do another 1-to-1 because you really know your PPC!

Really, if I didn't find this WSO I may have given up on IM altogether after 5 years of trying to make it.

Cheers Nick!

- Phil T.

I am going to show this one time. I have attached a screenshot of my earnings so far today.

I am a real person who has just studied Nick's system and I can't thank him enough for putting this out. I know it can be discouraging to read about students results as I have been there myself plenty of times....but it was also motivating as it made me push on until I can find something that works.

Like I said.....some days are better than others. This is one of those great days. I am happy with $1.00 as long as I made that $1.00 without losing money. If I had 100 campaigns that made $1.00 a day.....that would be my $100.00 a day goal. I just have to keep building more winning campaigns.

I have nothing to lie about my earnings. I am very blessed to have what I have made so far......and it feels great to share my results.

Like I said above.....I am a real person trying to make money from home. I lost my daughter to a very rare disease called Alstrom Syndrome and it has just shut my life completely down. I was not able to return to work. I hardly ever leave my house. My first goal is to make enough money for a certain tombstone that I want for my daughter.

Since I have started Nick's program....I am feeling real blessed that I may be able to purchase this expensive tombstone for her with my profits. That is what I am working real hard to's all thanks to Nick's system. THANK YOU NICK!



Update #1:


$100.00 a day Weekend!!!!


Never have I had a product to work this fast this good.


Update #2:

Hi Nick,

First I would like to say how much I admire your kindness and your generosity to do what you can to help others succeed.

I just upgraded to a Platinum Member which was a no brainer.

So far I have made $407.32....spent $63.92.....profit $343.40

Thank you so much Nick for such an awesome product....and hope that you will have more products or upgrades.....very....very...very.....soon!


Update #3:

All I can say is WOW!!!!

I just finished with my first one on one training with Nick. I felt like I was talking to a

Seriously.....If you are serious about making money from home than stop buying other WSOs. My advice would be to put that money in Nick's system and one on one training. YOU CANNOT FAIL!!!

Nick is the real deal. I have heard countless numbers of times you need a mentor and I have found mine.

I was really nervous at first with speaking to Nick but he has got to be the kindness most caring person EVER!!

You DO NOT come across anyone like that here EVER. He cares about your success!!

THANK YOU....THANK YOU Nick!!! I can't thank you enough!!

I should be posting some results soon!!

Nick, look for some more training sessions coming from me!! I can't tell you how much it has helped me!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!


Update #4:

You should also consider Nick's coaching! It has been a week since I had mine.....the results for a week are:

Made $903.00
Bing Ads spend 352.86 - $300.00 coupon = $52.86
PROFIT = $850.14

- Pam Jackson

This products works as claimed... I just received one check for $1073.36...keep in mind, this is just 1 of them, & it's not from ClickBank either.

It's not your typical PPC course.

I actually owe this WSO my life.... I've made an extra full time income since I started this course about 3-4 weeks ago... I pulled in around $2500+ Net Profit within the last month alone...


Update #1:

I've attended a private coaching session with Nick a few weeks ago, which was extremely awesome...

I''ve just been building campaigns relentlessly, and doing lots of testing. My goal is to hopefully hit around $7K net profit per month.

After talking to Nick, and all the progress I've been making, it's actually a very do-able goal... and I think I'm well on my way there!


Update #2:

I average about 100% returns on my investment... a really good trick is to keep reinvesting everything back, and keep scaling up until your ready to withdraw some $$.

I don't even do this full time, just for fun on the side .. and i'm still able to pull decent numbers on a weekly basis regardless... So get to work, and stop being lazy 🙂

- Marc Coloma

Hi Nick,

I bought your course about one month ago. I used your method...I have 30 campaigns running. I spent $280 and made $750 (with a $470 profit). I put up the last 15 campaigns only in the last 5 days. I used the $300 coupon, so basically my cost is a big ZERO. I used only ClickBank products. I can't wait to get to the other networks.

Also, I took about 10 of the campaigns from Bing Ads and ran them on 7Search. They run with less clicks, but for some reason, at 150% profit, which is awesome. I wanted to give you a quick feedback and let everyone know that there is enough fish in the sea for everyone; it can be done, and it can be done pretty quickly.

Thanks again for this. In my book it is a winner.



I would buy your next course in a heart beat, no questions asked.

I mean, there IS a question. Still PPC or something else? Give us a hint.

I am a customer for life, but just curious...

BTW, things with my advertising are going smooth (most of the time), making money.. - all because of this. But I will still buy your next one.

- Laura Cozzi

Nick has put his heart, soul, sweat, blood and more importantly his time into spreading this wonderful, wonderful method with us. Not only does he offer this method that he himself created (and by all rights could have kept this all to himself) but he dedicated himself to a group of people that are effectively 'internet strangers', he dedicated his time and effort to not only share this but his time to teach people, set a wonderful base for people to learn from and lastly dedicates many, many hours per day replying to our relative newbie emails of which are no doubt highly frustrating and repetitive.

Nick has set this wonderful campaign up out of the wisdom of his heart and the enjoyment of creating a better success in the internet marketing world.

Lastly, I'd just like to say for not only creating this thread and brilliant product, but for consistently providing perfect help also, Thank You!

- Chris Radford

I just received my last commission check today from the various affiliate networks I have relationships with for my September PPC advertising activity, and the total for the month came out to be a 144% ROI...woo hoo!!!

I spent $620 in ads and had $1513 in revenue. [FYI, to calculate ROI just use this formula: Revenue - Spend / Spend, multiplied by 100].

This won't allow me to retire any time soon, but an extra $900 per month working only 7-10 hours per week definitely helps with the bills (especially when you have a home mortgage, 2 car payments and the holidays coming up)!

And again, by just following Nick's system and thinking outside of the box (and identifying a number of different successful opportunities by doing my own research and lots and lots of testing!!), has resulted in a big impact to me and my family.

- Doc Vogel

Hey Nick,

HOLY SHIT IT WORKED!  I can't believe it I actually got a sale from 3 clicks and my ad being there one day! (Spent $1.80 made $31.86 off my 3rd click!) And from a ClickBank product. However it doesn't matter, I actually got a sale!

From now on you can expect many emails from me asking you questions about the real deal, as I haven't got my website up and running.  So thanks are in order, if nothing else, just because I can see that it's possible.

Now all I have to do is build a hundred more campaigns as I've only done one. This is great for beginners otherwise I'd still be trying to muddle through the Super Affiliate Handbook ha! No offense to the book but there is a lot of outdated crap out there this isn't one of them.

This is my first ever online making money ordeal so thank you.  I really thought only super geniuses were the ones making money online. Thanks Nick!

- Lane Ewert

This method definitely works!

If you are starting from scratch, Nick gives you all the tools in incredible detail. It doesn't matter what kind of website you have, all that matters is access to TV-related CPA offers. You don't need to pay for the Platinum OTO either although it definitely gives you a jump start. I copied one of his programs and made a profit first day but it was somewhat lucky that was a hot offer. I've had a good few days despite making errors like a typo in the destination URL that sent paid traffic into cyberspace.

You will receive stellar support from Nick. His replies are as detailed as his book. He really wants you to succeed. I'm delighted to give his program as many stars as possible!

- Miriam Kubicek

Nick!!!! I cannot thank you enough for this program. This is the only time I have EVER made money online!

So far I have only spent $47 for a total return of $592. Before all of you start clamoring Bull****. I used the 300 dollar credit on Bing Ads and bought 2 more for 5 each on Fiverr. The ones on Fiverr came with an extra $75. So I still have one account with $375 and another with about $330 (the one with the $300 dollar credit I went over by about $37).

Nick thanks again for such a wonderful program!!

- Chaz Black

Nick's WSO is one of the best for newbies getting started making money online. I know many have made thousands with this course alone. I have tremendous respect for Nick because of his work ethic and top notch Customer service.. This is the guy you WANT to FOLLOW!

- Brandon Sean

Nick, just wanted to say Thank You! So far, I've made a little over 2K dollars (profit) from following your course! I generated about $4k of revenue and spent about $2K on, ROI of 100%.

If you bought the course, good luck and happy selling!

- Scott Busch

I have bought way too many courses that were absolute crap, this one does NOT fall into that category. As you can see by my post count, I don't comment often, but I am so impressed with Nick as a person first of all and the product that he has put together. This is one of the few systems that I have actually made money with and in a relatively short period of time. I really like the way Nick put this together, very easy to follow. One thing I always look for is the results people have achieved, and rarely do I find them.

So with that, here are my results in my first 7 days using Nick's system:

Ad Spend $62
Commissions: $224
Net Profit: $162

I believe that is a 260% ROI!

Next step, ramp it up!

Nick is also a great to work with. I have sent him several questions and he always replies in a timely and helpful manner. Thank you Nick for a fantastic product, for helping others to succeed and for your honesty and integrity.

- Jean

Before I even started using the material, I had watched the videos many times, including the webinar. I then started the process of applying to SEVERAL affiliate networks, getting accepted by most. Then I finally began to "put in work"...This system is SOLID, have had a few $100 pure profit days since I actually started using this system a couple weeks ago. Overall ROI is around 140%, working to increase that....

- Rick

I set a test campaign up at $20 and left for the afternoon. I came back an hour ago and I have made $133.20. Do the math, that is HUGE ROI. I didn't purchase the OTO at first, but I did afterwards and it's well worth it.

Seriously, get on this.

I haven't even touched the surface of the full training course, but what I have learned already has me earning.

- Ry Spencer

All I can say is WOW!!!

I have had my share of courses over the years on PPC and this is by far the most comprehensive course I have ever seen regarding PPC, tracking and all without the fluff. This course is so thorough I am quite amazed and wondering if Nick bumped his head. I set up my first campaign using the OTO and though I was not sure of the success at the time due to competition etc. I produced 3 sales for $96 with a cost of $15.43 with a net of $80.57.

This is a college level course. Buy this now and take your time and learn the steps to be self sufficient. Nick not only shows you the steps but gives you the "why" so you can think through the process and truly understand what you are doing. Vs. being a robot and as soon as the steps or the screen shot do not look like you are accustom to you become confused...not to mention the number of examples.

Do not ask any more questions if you are interested in PPC and just buy this. You will not be sorry. Remember it is always good to be uncomfortable because that means you are learning something.

- Ellie Dummett

First, let me say...


WSO of the Day is quite an accomplishment, and I think you deserve it.

I wanted to add my two cents worth to this thread on Nick's WSO. First, let me stipulate that I have not been paid, nor was I given the WSO. I paid for it on the very strong recommendation of Hitesh and Robert, two guys who provide quality products and great info. So far, I'm glad I did!

Now this is not going to be glowing praise for the program from a results standpoint. I'm literally just getting started with implementation. But here's what I CAN say...

Nick Chou has done a terrific job here! While it's clear English is his second language (and he is a bit self-conscious about it), I can hardly complain. In fact, despite this limitation, Nick does a better job of explaining his program than most of the native English speakers do. Which says a lot about the quality of most of the WSOs offered here, but I digress...


Nick has done a great job of laying out a program that even a rank beginner can follow, from getting accepted at some of the more "high brow" affiliate networks to setting up winning PPC campaigns. He has created clear, step-by-step videos and... gasp... detailed PDFs to go along with the vids. Yay!

If you are like me, you think instructional videos are great. But...

For detailed instructions, videos without transcripts SUCK! You spend far too much time hunting and pecking through footage (in some cases, hours of it) for one little tidbit you need, when having a PDF makes it a breeze. You can probably tell that vids without transcripts are a pet peeve of mine, and I'm happy to say that's NOT a problem here!

On top of everything else, I've already discovered that Nick is personally very responsive to tickets, and open to input and suggestions. That bodes well for the future!

Nick's course is one of the better ones I've seen in recent years. He really put a lot of time and energy into getting it right, and Nick's passion, dedication and commitment clearly shows through.

From a course-level standpoint, you cannot go wrong with this. I give it 5 outta 5 stars so far. The real proof, of course, will be (as they say) in the pudding. But so far, so good...

- Karl Steinmann

Hi, Nicholas -

Truth be told: I *almost* passed this up.  

When I got an email from a friend & IM mentor, someone who has successfully run both online & offline consulting businesses for years, as well as being featured on an online IM "talk radio" program.

Anyway, he told me I'd be flat out foolish to pass this course up - especially at this price! - as it has (like someone else mentioned here earlier) the single best treatment of PPC he's ever seen. That, and the course is so comprehensive that if I committed to it, I should be making good, quasi-passive money sooner than later.

Good enough for me! I bought it .. and I am so glad I did.

Certainly, whether you're a beginning Internet marketer (more than enough hand-holding videos to get you going with little or no experience); an intermediate IM'er (wanting to take it to the next level); or, an advanced IM'er (wanting to refine & improve your [PPC] skills), this course should have you covered.

Bottom-line: Go for it, folks!

- Richard Bowen

To say that Nick describes his method in detail is an understatement. This is great for anyone just starting out in PPC, because he covers the very basics, starting from domains and hosting, joining affiliate networks, etc. Most WSOs will leave this stuff out, assuming that you either know the process or you can find out.

He also covers tracking with Prosper 202, another thing that very few WSOs even touch on. Nick goes into every nook and cranny of the platform, and shows you how to set it up so that you can easily see what's profitable and what's not, and how you can adjust things to move campaigns into profitable territory. I've paid twice as much for WSOs specifically about Prosper 202 that don't explain it half as well an Nick does.

Same thing with the Adcenter. It explains everything from the interface, to bidding strategy, to which keywords to target, and even how to set up Adcenter's desktop application to help save loads of time!

I consider myself an intermediate PPC marketer, and I picked up a bunch of good info from the training. Of course, there was plenty of stuff I was familiar with, but Nick starts each section briefly explaining what's covered, and where you should skip ahead to in case you're already familiar with the topic.

.....I've never come across PPC training this detailed, this well explained, for this low of a price!
And on a total side note, AWESOME sales letter Nick! Very original and entertaining.

- Sheldon Gray

I currently have 7 live campaigns and one of the campaigns that I created yesterday finally converted a sale of $22 with just one click that cost me 27 cents!

Although my results aren't as amazing as everyone else yet, I can say that this is the best I've seen in years.



At the moment I have 10 campaigns and one of them is bringing me commissions every 3-4 days.

That's a 388.9% ROI so far.

The key to making good money with this system is to continue scaling this and create more campaigns.

Thanks again for such a simple and cool system Nick..

- David James Ostiguy

I want to thank you for creating this course, it's 5 outta 5 stars!

- Nico Koehler

Thanks Nick - glad I purchased the upsell - well worth it - and thanks for the speedy response!!

- Theresa S.

The thread is on fire, 353 and counting! Congratulation for this huge success!

I asked this question before but it seems it falls in the cracks. Anyway, when this offer is going to end? Thanks in advance and more wishful luck.

- Jamal Alam

I finally got through all the content in this course and….I have never seen this detailed step by step for campaign setup, Prosper202 tracking and campaign management. Just the Proper202 setup details are work more than the cost.

Overall, its a proven approach to PPC (that is used similarly in organic SEO). The course videos and PDF and campaign setup tools (like pre-organized keyword lists and negative keyword lists) and an amazing deal.

Even if you don't follow these campaigns but want to understand how to do PPC (for your own products or ecommerce), this is a great resource.

- Brian

I've read the first 14+ chapters of the manual and watched all but the last two videos (which I'll be getting to shortly). So far, I'm impressed by how thorough everything is. I'm looking forward to putting this into practice and have started researching products.

- infohelps


I am very impressed with the quality of the content, the price and the manner in which you address the questions that members post to this thread. You are talented. Please keep up the good work.

- Joseph

Great course. Very easy to follow and comprehensive.

- Calvin Ohara

I want to tell you how much I'm enjoying learning this system. I love it! You are a saint for creating Easy TV Money. You really are!

- Philip H. Dean

Wait for the checks and invest that money over and over again. I'm in. See you inside!

- Oscar Calderon

This is TOP NOTCH. I found the story of how Nick Chou went from being broke to millionaire very inspiring as well and it proves that anyone can succeed if they TAKE ACTION.

Nick leaves absolutely nothing out and the Workbook that goes along with this is priceless seriously you can't get much more detailed than this system that Nick has put together. So if you can follow instructions then you should have no problem making money with this.

A lot of lives are going to be changed with this product!

- Tim Nesbitt

I bought this when it first came out, and must say that if you only learn about tracking from this, then you are light-years ahead of most marketers here. I had no idea about tracking when I first started with this, so the free tracking Nick suggests is awesome. I have since moved onto paid tracking.

- John G.

Nick, just purchased this and am very excited to start. Your support and genuine interest in helping others through the years is amazing! I'm still in the learning phase but will be taking action very soon.

- Terry S.

If you have a budget and are willing to test campaigns this is a no brainer guys. I bought this despite having some experience and still picked up lots of ideas with affiliate offers I had never heard of.

I had one campaign running that I had never heard of and it brought in $300 profit quickly.

With SEO becoming even tougher, it's a good idea to look at other options for sure.

- Kevin McNally

I bought this about 3 weeks ago. I spent a week reading and watching all the info and trying to take it all in. I made 2 campaigns on Saturday or Sunday. After a week, I spent $11.68 (free because of coupon) and last night I made my first sale of $45.

680 Impressions, 16 clicks, 1 sale, $11.68 cost, $45.00 sales

Ad score is for the most part 8/10 - 4th-5th positions

And tonight I just got another sale from 1 click. So this does work, you just have to find the right offers.

- Holly S.

I bought this course on Friday and went through everything twice. I set up 12 campaigns total on Saturday and Sunday, and I made my first sale today for a ClickBank product!

- Ryu


I bought this a month ago and the results are in front of you...Really a great course from Nick. Thank you Nick!

- Sekhar Reddy

Hey just wanted to chime in here and say that I had 1-on-1 training with Nick a couple weeks ago. He was really awesome and I learned a lot. He's truly a great guy.

If you have been thinking about getting some training from him, I can't recommend it enough.

- David P.

It was yesterday that I came to know about the course, I didn't know it in April, I think I am not lucky that time, but I felt I am lucky to get my eyes on your course yesterday.

I read the complete 45 pages of the testimonials and tears roll down on my eyes by your extreme helping Nature, Genuine, Decency. You are having a great heart. Not only the system and method, but people can also learn a lot from your Nature and Behavior. Sorry I couldn't stop praising you. You are a Precious GEM.

I will start the training from today on. Wish me all the best!

- 1962vl


I have just purchased this course and Platinum upgrade. I have spent 3 days, and countless hours reading through this site. I have read, and contemplated this until my head hurts. Actually I think my head exploded last night.

I am very impressed with you. You have great character. I admire the fact that you provide such amazing support on this thread, and to your customers.

Perhaps what sold me the most, was at some point in time you quoted Matthew 7:7. You are humble, sincere, and I believe you are honest. I really admire the fact that you truly have a desire to help others. Thank you for this opportunity. I am sure I will drive you crazy with questions. And I'm sure I'll be begging you at some point to take some more money from me for personal coaching.

There are several people in my life who desperately need for me to be making significant money, and I am praying your course will be able to help me make that happen.

- Anthony

Hi Nick,

I bought your product and OTO about 2 weeks ago now. This has got to be one of the best courses I have ever bought. I credit you and your course for getting me started in both PPC and CPA.

I have zero technical knowledge (other than basic WordPress stuff) but thanks to your course I can set up a campaign with full tracking in a very short time without any problems.

Thank you for your amazing product.

- Scotty

I finally made my first sales with this system!

As of today I've created 9 campaigns. In the last three days these 9 campaigns made 3 sales + 1 OTO for ClickBank products. Together these sales account for $129.53.

The cost for the clicks are $38.19 that's an ROI of 339,17%. Now I will setup more campaigns and need to learn how to optimize the bids.

The setup for every campaign takes about 1 hour each.  It took 2 hours a few days ago and maybe I can optimize another 15 minutes.

A big Thank You to Nick!



This system works!

The last two days only cost $36.10 for clicks and made back $199 (after refunds). Next thing to do is to add more campaigns beside ClickBank. In his coaching session Nick showed me a few cpa offers I can use and also brought my attention to other offers/networks I can use. These offers should do even better than the ClickBank campaigns I was using.

Good luck to all of you.

- Chris Krapp

The feedback you are receiving is amazing and I would like to congratulate you on offering such an outstanding product.

- Ged Silvers

Wow, finally got through reading these pages of inspiring testimonies from real people taking action on a truly remarkable course.

I bought in a couple days ago and skimmed it over (Great Stuff), but had to come back to read this page through. I look forward now to following your material and advise to a T. Thanks for providing such a great product on PPC marketing.



Nick still has the best PPC system I have seen and I am really going to live or die by his method.

- James Nobles

I am using Nick's program and it is the real deal. I invested $6.81 into a campaign for a return of $46.00 and invested around $3.00 or so for a return of around $10.00. I am awaiting my next commission! (And I am still in profit overall and waiting for my other campaigns to make a sale!) Nick is always prepared to answer questions. Choosing the right campaigns and persistence are very important.


I just wanted to say that Nick provides the most amazing customer service! I'm not sure when he has found time to sleep in the past few months!

He has personally & graciously answered every one of my questions posted through his Help Desk. Once I purposely indicated that my minor question was "low priority" assuming that someone else on his team would get back to me, but no, I quickly received a helpful response from Nick himself.

I was on vacation for a while & paused everything, but since July 4th, I have profited another $452 on 3 campaigns.

Once you set up a few campaigns, you can easily get one up & running within 20 minutes using Nick's methods.

I have bought plenty of courses that I regretted. This one is definitely a winner.

Go for it!

- Shannon D.

WOW, I had my first sales with ClickBank!

Actually, I gave up to use this system. Then I checked my ClickBank today. I saw I got many sales with spending $48.

Also I had only 1 campaign at the moment. I will try to build a few more campaigns.


- Frank

Hi everyone!

For those skeptics about this...

I had one specific question which I sent to Nick's support page and got an answer in one day... I implemented it and in one day I got not 1 but 2 sales!

My first 2 sales! $18 in sales = $11 paid to Bing Ads = profit $7.

Let me say....Nick's Support is worth way more than his course + OTO alone.

Think about it.

Second thing...Nick solved my Prosper202 problem with not counting clicks (essential for this PPC Business). Now I do ran 10 campaigns and achieve building few per day. It takes me about 15 minutes per campaign to set up, including Prosper.

What to say more? Get this while you can. You Will Not Regret It!

- Kiril Papaz

I bought this and it really does work. For one campaign I spent $18 and made $44. This system also works for ClickBank products. I only have one ClickBank campaign out of 4 that has made money right now, but it has made $24 with only $7 spent. The key is finding winning campaigns.

- J.C. Bond

Just have to say, I bought this back on April 5, when it first opened and am very impressed with the level of service and information provided. I have seen no other WSOs with this much value. All my replies to the help desk have been answered very thoroughly, and I have gained a lot of information.

I also read and re-read the manual and watched the videos several times to be sure I have grasped all the info & methods. I will report back after a few campaigns have been launched, but I have to say that this is the best learning experience I have had with any product, anywhere, to date.

As a newbie to PPC, I am sure I could not have found a better place to start.

Thanks for a great product, Nick!

P.S. I also spent time going through the Help Desk Knowledge Base. There is a lot of very useful information and tips there in addition to the videos and manual.

- Shera Lee

After reading so many good comments about Nick's good customer service, I decide to join in. I may not spend too much time everyday on it, but I will study little by little and hope that I can finally grasp this method and make some money from it.

Your customer service makes another sale.

- Resit Dogan

I just want to chime in here my experience with using Easy TV Money so far...

But first, I'd like to thank you Nick Chou & the crew for putting heart into this great product without leaving anything out to be figured out on our own.

After studying and applying this course, I almost feel like a PPC expert already LOL -- Amazing and powerful content for people who are not afraid to put the time to learn this system.

So what are my results from the live campaigns created only recently?

Spent about $3, made $24 on a sale from one campaign. I don't have a calculator with me now, but I believe that's a killer ROI.

And, lost about $30+ in ad spending without a single sale on another campaign. (I decided to dump it.)

Bottomline: Nick's system obviously works. I'll continue to get the hang of Nick's system, but I believe the secret to success with this system is much like the secret to trading -- dump the bad trades, and let the winners ride.

Thanks Nick for this great product -- and for transforming me into a PPC expert (at least that's what I'd like to think!)

- John Lum

Nick's method is a guided eye opener to new and experienced PPC enthusiasts.

- ihoney

This was my first time using PPC ever... I set up my first campaign on Friday evening and left it for the weekend.

I logged into my Bing Ads account on Monday morning to see a flurry of activity with 2,000+ impressions for my ad and 49 clicks... I thought - not too shabby for my first effort.

Then I logged into my affiliate account for X product, and was welcomed with a balance of $70!!

I spent $14 on ads, leaving a return of $56! Not exactly mind blowing, but pretty good going for my very first attempt!

Now - onward and upward of adding more campaigns!

Thanks for all you have done Nick - this stuff flat out works 😀

- Will S.

I'm part of Easy TV Money. The content is clear and practical and leads you through the different steps. Best thing about this course is the support from Nick - it's quick and he goes out of his way to be helpful.

- Rachel Findlay

You have inspired people to show persistence and not give up. I think you have brilliant a business model and people are fortunate to have you as a guide, a teacher, someone who shows compassion and understanding. God Bless.

- Hasan

I am inspired and encouraged by your story. I trust you'll impact many lives just by sharing your success and helping others. Congratulations on your great success. Looking forward to learning from you.

- Elisha Goodman

Nick Chou is not one of those so-called gurus that launch courses every month. He practices what he preaches and actually makes money from what he teaches in the course. He is the real deal & always ready to help when you reach out to him. This is the ONLY course you need to make real money online.

- Mien Chau


Your story is quite extraordinary. I applaud your fortitude and mindset for the success you've managed to achieve while overcoming your financial obstacles along the way.

- Poppajon

Hi Nick,

I spent the whole day reading this and went thru an emotional roller-coaster. But finally your humbleness and sincerity won me over and I bought both Gold and Platinum. I am sure I will need sometime to go thru all the materials and videos but above all I hope to get your assistance when the need arises.

I am a total newbie. In fact some of the term used, I did not understand but I really want to succeed in this. I just hope this thing works in my home country Singapore and you will take my hand and show me the way to success.

Thank you for sharing this opportunity with all of us.


Abu Amano

I set up my first campaign 3 days ago. Today I received my first click at a cost of 85 cents. Just for laughs I decided to check my affiliate account. That one click made me $21.15. Not Bad.

- Mr. Ex

I support Nick fully on this product and the job (he) is doing for all of us, always replying promptly and always helpful.

The product and the owner are both of the utmost quality.

Thanks Nick!

- Romolo

This course is totally comprehensive and I don't think I may get a same course (with) price like this anywhere. You are (an) over deliver.

I appreciate what you have done.

Thanks Mate!

- Zudie Rahman

Hey Nick -

Here's another little update to round out the month. I put together profit/loss for each of the campaigns that I put up. Finished the month strong with a couple of big payments that I wasn't expecting.

You can see here:

AdamEarningAll I have to say to everyone is don't be limited to just what Nick is teaching in his course. This will work on ANY product, just as long as they have an affiliate program. The benefit of using TV is that it's less competition, which means less click-costs, but to be honest, there are so many products out there, it doesn't really matter what types of products you choose, you just need to set them up and watch 'em make you money.

PS - Again, this took me MINIMAL work. Seriously, we're talking 3 hours in total to setup all the campaigns over the course of the last 2 weeks. This wasn't even a full month worth of running ads. If you scale this up to 300-400 campaigns, you could easily be making $50k-$75k/mo. With this method by the end of the year, no problem. Just gotta be hungry (and I'm always starved... serial entrepreneur in me).



I've got a ClickBank campaign that has generated $321.84 and I've spent $39.43. That's not a bad ROI.

- Adam Maywald

Wow!! Nick has gone beyond himself to do this! I don't think you could find another WSO provider willing to look over your campaigns and provide personal help for "lost" students except the True Master himself.

This is by far, the most effective course on PPC (not to say way way below the price for such a quality product).. its really clear and concise.

When I started PPC, I bought a WSO here 3 years ago - An Adwords coaching course for $900+ by some self-proclaim "Adwords expert" - that don't even come close to the quality of what Nick put forward here!!

- Eduardo Lakatos

I can not believe that I just read this page from the beginning to the end....I've bought Platinum already. I found the price MORE THAN REASONABLE for this knowledge. I've printed out the workbook, and watched the first few videos. Tomorrow I look forward to starting my

From what I read, I'm in for a very thought out course, and I'm very excited to begin.

To everyone's success!!!

- Evan

Hi Nick,

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this wonderful product. This course, your character and integrity just drawn me and literally spoke to me. God Bless you man!

Me, my wife, and my son are working on this as a family team effort. Currently, we are in the process of building our first campaigns. We find that using your methods exactly as outlined is best.

We look forward to great success.


- Alex

Nick's product and support is top notch. I would recommend jumping in and giving it a try if you are at all interested in learning PPC. This will be my first time trying it out. I've gone through other PPC courses before but Nick's system significantly reduces the complexity and allows you to get started in a "safe" and conservative way (i.e: without blowing a ton of money trying to find out what keywords/offers convert).

Nick's personal story is very inspiring as well!

- Edward C.

Hey Nick,

After purchasing the product and OTO I can honestly say the plan is laid out well and you did a very detailed job explaining everything.

- Dustin McCurry

Hi Nick,

I am touched by your intention to help Newbies.

God Bless you!

- Irianto Widjaja

This is the 2nd of countless courses that I've bought that actually did what it said.

Yes, there was a bit of learning involved but let me post my results after building 12 campaigns that has minimal traffic (only one with over 100 clicks):

Ad spend so far: $130
Generated commissions: $280
Net = $150

That is a 115% ROI and pretty damn skippy! Now it's all about scaling right? I admit that Nick was a big part in this not just by providing the course but also answering countless support tickets and anxious questions from a PPC newbie.

If you are looking for a "push button" type revenue generator, this is the closest to it. With a comprehensive PDF & video course + top notch support, the only reason you'd fail is from not applying what has been taught.

Hats off to you Nick! Thanks again!!

- Alvin L.


I must admit that I've never seen anything this thorough and complete... I'm literally speechless. It took me two whole days to go through your material and I'm really shocked to find a warrior who gives every technique and secret he knows about making $28,000 a month.

At first, I thought.. is this guy CRAZY? What on earth would anyone reveal such valuable information? Also at a such a low price?

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your expertise and I'm completely thrilled to have this course to add another income stream to my bank.

Much success to you and God bless.

- Joe

I've been lucky enough to look at this content, and there is a lot of information and resources. I think anyone taking advantage of this will be really happy. It is a really good deal guys, I recommend that you check it out.

- Rob Maggs

I've used PPC methods to make a full time living online for over a year but I've never seen anything like this before, very cool...

I'm super excited to put this system to work immediately!

Thanks for sharing this proven strategy with everyone.

- Peter Paul

Thank you, Nick. Wow! You have really done a wonderful job. If I could I would nominate you for WSO of the YEAR!. I've watched most of the videos (and by the way you were very articulate and professional) and just posted my first ad. Still need to fine tune the tracking etc. but I'm looking forward to making some real money with this.

- Vanessa Falcon

Nick, this is a great system you've come up with...This gets my highest recommendation.

- Bob Voges

Nick, thank you kindly for the thorough answers to questions. I can tell you are dedicated to customers.

I now fully intend to keep this, put it to work, and learn a few new things.

- Vivre

Extremely innovative to say the least...These guys are the bomb. Their pricing is always on the "warehouse" side and the value is there 110%.

5 Stars In My Book! Keep Up The Good Work!

- Igor Kheifets

It is a great deal. While on the surface it is a bit basic for anyone that knows PPC (I am not an expert by any means) his ideas for product selection, the use of Bing Ads and his keyword selection ideas are really useful.

His PDF guide is 250 pages and packed with great ideas and examples. It is also well written and it seems they have actually taken the time to edit it properly (a nice bonus).

This is well worth the investment!

- Richard Geasey

Listen up...this is the real deal.

I came up with pretty much the same system back in 2002, and one of my friends took it to $60,000/month. I've taken it well into 6 figures per month, and a million leads in a year.*

But I didn't have the advantage of Nick Chou's experience. You do.

So, what are YOU going to do with it?

- John McDermott

First of all i just want to say that the course is great, and you can tell that this guy knows his stuff just by the amount of split testing and tracking that this guy goes into detail, which is crucial for any PPC campaign.

J. Cruz

Just bought this and it looks really great. Much better than most WSOs I bought...

I was inspired to buy by Nick's story about wanting to be like the author of Google Adwords 123 and change other people's lives, I felt he was really sincere about that! Hopefully you will change my life.


The quality of what I have read so far has me at a loss to understand why I have had the good fortune to receive so much quality for so little contribution.

My background is in the aviation business where the written word and procedures are critical; this experience with you is indeed a joy.

Thank you.

- Frank Carlson


Great concept and product...

- Deon Alexander

I started this course last year with the full hope that I can succeed by doing online marketing. First month, I lost almost $200, but I got many sales. I know this system works, so I stuck to the course. I found out that I lost my money because simply I didn't follow all the rules. I fixed it all and I made a profit of $800/month! Thanks Nick! You're awesome!

Notes: You can trust every keyword of Nick. It is dependable and it works! Look forward for other courses from Nick!

- Joseph Adi Saputra the way best WSO I ever bought.

- Anwer Saeed

Great course, Nick! One of the best ever. You are a good teacher. It gives me loads of inspiration. Every now and again I play some video one more time, and then often I pick up something new.



It's a great course and it's evergreen. So whatever Google does, it doesn't matter....not for PPC.

The course is very well laid out. Take your time learning it though. I took three months to feel confident enough.

- Jan Paul

[You are] an amazing person with such generosity, kindness and sincerity...a rare species of the human kind. It is my good fortune to have met you here and I am not going to take this lightly. You are a great teacher and your communication is clear, thorough and with authority.

I will follow your teaching and make this work for me. You have my utmost respect and admiration and the support that I am going to get from you in days to come is deeply appreciated.

- Mark Humble

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    No, the world of TV and internet AND its audiences are too big and vast to ever become over-saturated. Certain products fade-in and out of popularity, but, if you follow my system, you will gain an understanding on which products to promote that are the hot evergreen sellers.

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